Purpose: The Bulletin Board should be used to promote the good, welfare and education of Dog Show Judges in America and to further the advancement of purebred dogs.

The Bulletin Board is a place to post those upcoming events which pertain to judging: Notice of the ADSJ Advanced Institute; other institutes; national and local specialties; judges study groups; mentoring; seminars and judges workshops. In addition one can post a short message concerning the above events, such as ride sharing, roommates, mentors and anything that would assis the judge attending these functions. Questions pertaining to these topics should be answered by e-mail to the sender.

Official ADSJ notices to the membership, such as updates on benefits, requests for memeber information or opinion, ADSJ activities, committee work, etc. Any responses should be via e-mail to the appropriate officer or board member.

Positing of rule changes, new policy or any action of the AKC that would be of interest and/or educational value to our members is encouraged.

Only ADSJ members may post a notice.

Notices concerning events may run for 90 days prior to the event.

Personal notices, questions and or debates and dialogue are not permitted. Members are encouraged to contact the individual persons on these subjects.

All submissions to the Bulletin Board will be reviewed prior to posting. Approved submissions will be posted at the earliest date. The committee has the final word on Bulletin Board Postings.

For instance, to arrange a shared ride for the ADSJ Institutes, please send your information to Gay Dunlap

She will post your message on the Bulletin Board where you can read all other requests, work out shared rides and so on.

To view your own message and requests from others for shared rides, click on...
View Bulletin Board.

By Clicking "Yes" I agree to abide by the above quidelines and I wish to submit a notice for posting at this time.

By Clicking "NO", I do not wish to submit a post at this time.

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